8.700 Ha. -Sierra de la Ventana – Tornquist- Buenos Aires

Description: The estancia has a valley of approximately 2,100 hectares surrounded by the grassy hills of Sierra de la Ventana. Soils in the valley are excelent for agriculture (the main crops cultivated are soya, barley, corn, wheat and maize). Terraces were built to prevent erosion in risky areas. There are 6,300 hectares of low hills and its surroundings which are excellent for cattle grazing. Besides there are stable herds of wild deers (axis, fallow and red among others), boards and a hundreds of ducks, partridges and doves that combined with the immensity and unique beauty that make it an ideal place to create an international first class level hunting lodge, remaining as well as a productive agricultural and livestock Estancia.

Faciities: The main house and all the constructions are located a 82 hectares ancient and beautifull park designed by the recognised architect and landscaper Jules Charles Thays. The park was designed with a different varieties of trees, shrubs and ornamental species of great value and beauty.
The main house is a picturesque colonial construction of 500 square meters, with four suites, a living room, a kitchen, a distribution hall and galleries on the front. It has all the buildings of an emblematic and historic “Estancia”: sheds, personel houses, cattle facilities, silos, etc. All the constructions are well preserved.

Location: The estancia  is located in the Province of  BUENOS AIRES, in the border between the distrits of Tornquist, Cnel. Suárez y Saavedra.

Hectares: 8.722 Has.

Apt: Agrículture – Cattle ranch – Hunting lodge

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