2500 HA. Daireaux – Buenos Aires

Description:  Unique and historic “Estancia” of the center-west of the Province of Buenos Aires, with 1.000 hectares of arable land and the rest of the farm is apt for cattle fattening. Improvements: It has all…

400 HA. Salto – Buenos Aires

Description: 100% agricultural farm in the corn-belt of Argentina. Top quality farm. Facilities: Main house with swimming pool, garage, employees house, and shed. Location: Near Salto in the Buenos Aires Province. Hectares: 400 Has. Apt: Agriculture MORE INFORMACIÓN


Description:  Mixed farm in the near Pergamino. 210 hectares arable land of the excelent queality, 60 hectares of good quality  and the rest of the farm is apt for cattle fattening of very good quality….

95 HA. Rojas – Buenos Aires

Description:  Exclent fraction of a bigger farm with 100% of arable land of the best quality of the Pampa Region in the heart of the Argentine cornbelt. Facilities: Perimetre fences. Location: Near Rojas. Hectares : 95 Hectares. APT: Agriculture…

1700 HA. Villa Iris – Puan – Buenos Aires

Description:  Excelent farm for breeding cattle.  Great opportunity in the southeast of the Buenos Aires province. Working Facilities: Working house, shed corrals, mills. Location: Close to Vila Iris, 90 km from Bahia Blanca and  105 km…